This Ingredient is What Your Morning Chai or Coffee is Missing to Boost Your Senses.

Morning Chai or Coffee is an indispensable part of one’s morning routine.  The routine which has shaped right from the time your Mom used to bring you that hot milk to your bed mixed with your favorite additive ( Horlicks, Boost, Bournvita  etc.), which later got an upgrade when she realized that her lad has become a young man who can handle that Caffeine hit.

Regardless of whether you are a morning person or not, no matter what your story is, you probably have a morning beverage habit. And essentially all of us through our different approaches to the hot beverage are looking for one and the same thing – to Increase Alertness quicker than body’s naturally produced hormone called Cortisol.

With all the twisted recipes people have invented and re-invented, there is a set flavor people are used to when it comes to their morning beverage. It is hard for them to perform at their optimum level without it. Some like it plain and simple while some prefer ginger and cardamom to add flavor. Also the Masala Chai is quite popular choice that includes some more added spices such as peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon etc. Not to forget other popular options like Green and Lemon Tea. Also there are many experiments one can perform when it comes to Coffee too like the most common one being adding few drops of Vanilla essence into it.

But among all these options available that look promising and are time consuming, there exists one technique that seems so effortless yet effective and healthy, which alone can make the whole difference.

It’s got nothing to do with what you add into your hot beverage but everything to do with where you add your hot beverage into.

Yes! I am talking about the tea/coffee served in the Earthen Clay Tea Cups or as the cult knows it – Tandoori/Kulhad Chai.

It’s this new age concept that people are buying into – Milk poured into burning hot Clay Cups/Kulhad that brings all the Smoky and Earthy note which can make you salivate from the distance, leave an enriching and healing sensation to your palate and give you the much needed kick to endure the day’s strain.

Although people subscribe to this because of the creative display of showmanship and the feeling that this is something new, this isn’t anything new or complex as it looks. Actually it is a part of the same Old heritage which we have forgotten and left behind, that which helped our forefathers live strong, live healthy and live long – Goodness of Earthen Clay Utensils/Cookware.

So how can we infuse this Rich Smoky goodness into our everyday Tea/Coffee without having to travel long distance for some exotic tea spots or cafes. The answer is simple – You Purchase your very own Organic Earthen Clay Tea set.

 During these tough times, where most people are suffering from some or the other form of health sickness, lets pledge ourselves to make one healthy initiative of connecting to our basics.

Switch to Organic Earthen Clay Tea Sets and treat yourself with an enriching flavorful sip every Morning.

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