hair conditioning 2

Top 10 Khadi Shampoo to Make Your Hair Healthy & Shiny

Have you always dreamt of having long and smooth hair? Does it seem like a big deal to have healthy and lustrous hair? Are you sick & tired of trying ample hair products yet you haven’t had even one product work in your favour? If your answer to all or any of these questions is […]

top 5 clay Pots

Top 5 Clay Pots for Cooking You Should Consider Buying

Often times you may have heard your elders referring to the salivating taste of village foods. How their taste is distinctive and flavourful compared to the urban kitchen cooked produce. There are numerous factors they would list that which renders their village food superior. These would be – purity and authenticity of the ingredients involved […]

List of essential oil

6 Best Essential Oils to start with during Covid to Rejuvenate the sense of smell

Do you still rely on the toxic chemical-based products for your Mind and Body? Covid 19 has been a wake up call for almost everyone. It’s like those lessons from the apocalyptic movies which features the theme where nature tends to pay back for the atrocities mankind has caused. With vaccines and other counter measures […]

Morning tea

This Ingredient is What Your Morning Chai or Coffee is Missing to Boost Your Senses.

Morning Chai or Coffee is an indispensable part of one’s morning routine.  The routine which has shaped right from the time your Mom used to bring you that hot milk to your bed mixed with your favorite additive ( Horlicks, Boost, Bournvita  etc.), which later got an upgrade when she realized that her lad has […]

unhealthy eating

How Your Everyday Meal is Probably Killing You from the Inside

We have all at some point been told of the health risks associated with “Junk Food”. Every now and then we read or hear health experts urging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle by encouraging public to consume food prepared at home and to cut down on Outside or so called “Jung Food”. But did […]

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