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Earthenware Collection for you.

Essential Oils – Naturally Extracted. 100% Organic.

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Help us in accelerating the GROWTH of Indian Products. Help us preserve our ancient culture and it’s people like potteries and potters.

Important Note!
While the LOCKDOWN has hurt our ancient artists like potters, painters etc more than you can imagine, we’ve taken our initiative to support their living. All products are made in India and a significant portion of the revenue goes to them in addition to the actual price of the product. So help us support them and get through this worse of the time.


We strongly believe in maintaining the authenticity of the earthenware. And, that’s our only motto.

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Unleash the potential of Earthenware cookwares that helped our ancestors  live a healthy, grand and rich lifestyle. At, SeGrand, our products are made with authentic clay material and processes to ensure that the natural benefits reach to you.

Earthen Pots (Matka / Matki)

Matki (or matka) is a Hindustani word used for an earthen pot. It is used all over the Indian subcontinent, as a home “water storage cooler”. It has been in use since ancient times and can be found in houses of every class.

Apart from numerous health benefits, it produces amazingly tastier food. Due to slow cooking & porous nature of earthen pots, the moisture & aroma remains in the pot without losing any nutrient, thus making it delicious and flavourful. In addition, it has an earthy flavour added to it that you may not get in any other utensil.

Clay Cookware

Our madness for producing the supreme quality products took us to the Cauvery Delta region. That region is known for the quality of clay and the cluster of artisans for their traditional making technique. It’s our pride, at SeGrand, to bring you the most authentic range of clay products from the cauvery delta region’s hand crafted traditional designs!

Clay Tea Set

Did you ever like the “Chai in Kulhad” or “Kulhad Tea”? Imagine if the tea is served at your home in the Kulhad. It’s brilliant taste altogether. Use it with the normal tea or the green tea, It works both way.

Clay Mugs

Clay Beer Mug or the Clay Coffee Mug.

Don’t get confused. It’s clay mug and it depends on you how you see it. Best part is that you and wifey can have the beer and can serve the cold drinks to your son – at the same time.

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